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Confirmation Statement filing service. Our accountants would prepare and submit your Confirmation Statement to companies House for you. Our fee includes the statutory filing fee payable to Companies House. Your confirmation statement would be submitted to Companies House within 24 hours upon receiving the required information from you.

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Our accountants would contact you once we received your order. We would handle your Confirmation Statement filing for you from start to finish. We would contact you to go through the information already registered with Companies and gather important new information for your filing.

Confirmation statement is a compulsory filing for limited company and limited liability partnership (LLP) registered in the United Kingdom. Even if your company or LLP is dormant. You would still require to deliver your confirmation statement. Usually, your filing due date is every 12 months. However, you may file your statement early but not later. It is a criminal offence not to file your confirmation statement within 14 days. Furthermore, your company or LLP would be struck off the register. You would have to restore your company or LLP in order to continue to trade. Once your company or LLP is dissolved, your assets belongs to the Crown.

Generally, Companies House would send out reminders to your registered office address. It is important you able to access your mails sent to your registered office address. Remember to notify Companies House if you have moved or the current address as your registered office is no longer valid. You may also signed up for email reminders.



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