Contact Companies House

Contact Companies House if you have any questions about incorporation and Companies House filings. They are the governing body for businesses trading as companies and partnerships in the United Kingdom. Broadly, they administers and maintains public records of private and public limited companies. They also administer statutory filing of limited liabilities partnerships.

Generally, all your companies and partnerships legal filings must comply with the Companies Act 2006.

Companies House’s contact details are as follows:

Contact centre : 03031234500
Mini-com: 02920381245

Companies House Cardiff

Crown way
CF14 3UZ

Companies House Edinburgh

Fourth Floor
Edinburgh Quay 2
139 Fountainbridge

Companies House London

4 Abbey Orchard Street
Westminster London

Companies House Northern Ireland

Second floor
The Linenhall
32-38 Linenhall street

Your company and limited liability partnership must submit the following documents to the Registrar of Companies and HM Revenue and Customs every year. This includes dormant company and non-trading company.

Feel free to contact Companies House or Concise Accountants, if you have any questions about UK statutory filings..

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