Register a company

Register a company

Register a company in the United Kingdom with Companies House directly can be done through an accountant or you may do it yourself if you wish.

If you are going to do it yourself. Ensure your incorporation application with Companies House include the following documents.

Companies House form IN01

The form IN01 is an application form to register a limited company with Companies House.

This is the latest company incorporation form according to Companies Act 2006. It took effect from 1 October 2009.

The form 10 and form 12 required for company incorporation under Companies Act 1985 are superseded by form IN01.

You must complete the form IN01, to give details of your:

  • Directors,
  • Company secretary (this is optional unless you are forming a public limited company),
  • Shareholders,
  • Registered office address
  • Share structure.

The form is 18 pages long.

Under the Companies Act 2006, your director is required to provide a service address. The service address is for public record. The service address can be your registered office address or your home address. However, your director’s residential address can still be obtained via credit agency that providing credit check services to public.

Registration Fees

There is a standard fee payable to Companies House for registering a limited company. Please contact Companies House directly.

Other Incorporation Documents required

You must also include your memorandum of association and Articles of association with your incorporation form IN01.

1) Memorandum of Association

This should state your company name, the intended location of the registered office and the objects of your company.

2) Articles of Association

This should have the detailed rules about internal management of your company. If you don’t draw up your own articles, you may adopt the standard article (Table A) set out in the Companies Act 2006.

Companies House Certificates

You cannot start trading until you have obtained a certificate of incorporation for your private limited company issued by Companies House.

For registration of a public limited company, you must obtain a trading certificate before starts trading.

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