Letters return to sender

Your letters would be normally be returned to sender if you no longer occupying the property or the current occupier marked your letters with “return to sender” and post it back to Companies House.

Renew service with service providers

Your service provide will return to your letters to sender if your company did not renew your address services on time. The problem arises is when you are expecting your company authentication code to do your Companies House filing online. For example, your confirmation statement already long overdue. As a result, Companies House may propose to strike off your company and eventually dissolve it.

If you want to get your authentication code you would have to renew your service with them anyway.

To avoid your letters return to sender, do renew your address service on time. So that no interruption to your mails service.

Change service provider

Sometime It is necessary to change your service provider especially if it seems like you are not getting any mails for your company for the entire year. Certainly. every company would receive reminders from Companies House for any filing due and a corporation tax reminder from HM Revenue and Customs. If you are not getting these mails every year then it is time to change your service provider.

Proof of address and identity documents

Above all you must provide proof of identity and proof of address to your service provider. This is a legal requirement before they could forward your mails to your preferred forwarding address.

Moved to new office

You have 14 days to inform Companies House of your new registered office address. You are to submit the Companies House form AD01 if the new office is also your registered office address.

Sign up for the Royal Mail forwarding service to continue to access mails sent to your old registered office address. You may stop the service as soon as your new registered office address is registered with Companies House.

Change your registered office

You can change your company’s registered office address online or on paper.

Your company’s authentication code is required if you are to submit the Companies House form AD01 using the webfiling service. You will get an email to confirm receipt of your submission and another email to confirm if your submission was accepted.

Alternatively, you may submit your form AD01 on paper. The form must be signed and dated by your director or company secretary. You may then post or hand deliver your form to the correct Companies House offices. Companies House will publish your new registered office address on their website if they accept your form. Otherwise you will receive your AD01 back suggesting amendment then re-submit.

You must also update your company official stationery with your new address accordingly. This includes your letterhead, websites and your other official company stationery.

Registered office address

Your registered office address must be in the United Kingdom. For example, if your company was incorporated in England, your new registered office address must be situated in England and it cannot be an address in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Companies House do not accept a PO Box address as a valid registered office address for your UK company. It must be a physical address. Also, if you use your home address as your registered office, bear in mind that it will appear on Companies House website. Anyone can see it. Thus, If you do not want your home address to appear on the public register, consider using a service provider’s address.

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