Company incorporation documents

Company incorporation documents

Company incorporation documents required to register a private limited company with Companies House in the United Kingdom.

Memorandum of Association

The memorandum is a form of contract with the world in general. It states:

  • Your company’s name, the situation of its registered office in England (if it is not in Wales or Scotland),
  • The objects for which your company is formed and the powers taken by your company,
  • The liability of your shareholders is limited
  • The share capital and classes of shares and nominal value of each share
  • The names and address of your original subscribers (shareholders) and number of shares taken by your subscribers.

Articles of Association

It sets out the regulations governing your company’s internal affairs such as how shares will be allocated, your directors and secretary and the meetings will be governed. Once your company is incorporated any changes can only be made if 75% of voting rights is obtained.

Statement of first Directors and Secretary and Intended situation of Registered Office

The statement sets out the prescribed details of your first directors and company secretary (it is optional unless your company is a public limited company) and your registered office.

Declaration of Compliance with the Requirements on Application for Registration of a Company

This can be made by a director or sectary named in the statement of first directors and secretary.

The statement of first directors and secretary and intended registered office and declaration of compliance are no longer required since the Companies Act 2006 was implemented.

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