How your kid can set up an online store with no money upfront

How your kid can set up an online store with no money upfront. We will show you how to do it. We received a very good response from our article young people starting a business. In that article, we share young people can get lots of help and support to kickstart their business in the UK. So, why not? encourage your kids to start a business. No upfront costs require anyway. You have nothing to lose here.

Something your kids passionate about

One thing I must say, your kids must choose something that they are passionate about to turn it into a product or a service. Why? because if they do not passionate about what they are selling they would not give up easily. They will just keep going and keep believing.

Sell online platforms to use

Let me show you something easy to create. We wear T-shirts. You can sell T-shirts online. They are many online platforms out there you can use such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and many other T-shirts companies. Some of these platforms require you pay monthly subscription fees like Amazon and Shopify. You can always expand your business exposure to these platforms later on.

No money upfront, all free, great news for kids to start a business

Now choose the platform that is free first. We wanted to show you kids can start their own business with no upfront money required. All is needed is your kid’s time and he/she knows how to use a smartphone and/or a laptop.

Dropshipping service

We will show you how to set up an online storefront in We choose because they provide a drop shipping service. This means you do not have to buy your T-shirts upfront and you do not have to worry about what sizes to stock up etc. Teespring will print the T-shirts when your customer order one and send it to your customer directly and pay you the profit. With this service, will charge you a base cost to print your T-shirt for your customers.

The General T-shirts printing rules are more colors on your design will cost more to print therefore less profit for you. For this reason, design your T-shirt with fewer colors if possible.

How your kid can set up an online store on with no money upfront

Create an account first

Step one: Go to to “sign up” for an account. You require an email and a password. If you do not have a ready email to use. Go create an email account from Gmail or Hotmail or yahoo for free.

Step two: when you log in to Teespring account. You will see “choose your product” at the top of your dashboard. Watch the 4 minutes YouTube video to help you get started.

Get started to design your t-shirt

Step three: Choose any T-shirt style you like to sell. Say women’s T-shirts.

Step four: Select a women’s T-shirt product. Just click on the T-shirt style you like.

Step five: It will take you to the screen – what would you like to do with your design? On that page, you have two options – buy or Sell. Choose Sell.

Step six: Create your product. Here, you can start design your T-shirt. You add a photo and add text to your T-shirt. Choose the color of your T-shirt as well.

Add more products to sell with your original design

Step seven: After you are happy with your design, click the continue button on the left-hand side. it will take you to Great design. Now you can add more products! Here, you can add unisex/Men T-shirts, women t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts, tank tops, kids and babies t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, socks, and leggings. You can also add accessories like iPhone case, tote bag, mug, Samsung case with your design printed on it. Additionally, you may add some home products like pillow, poster, towels etc too. All these products will be sold with your original design. It’s awesome. isn’t it?

The final touch to complete your online t-shirt store

Step eight: Click the continue button after you selected the products you want, this will take you to Create your listing page. Here you add a title to your T-shirts business. The title can be effectively your brand name. Preferably add a title that helps people to easily remember your online store so that they can find you later if they want to buy more. Give a brief description of what is so cool about your T-shirts. Select the front view as the image you want your customers to first see. Finally, you add an URL for your business.

Here is an example of an online store we created in Teespring, the tortoise t-shirts company because we love tortoises. Lastly, click on publish your listing.

Congratulations. Your T-shirts online store is ready. Can you see now it is easy to set up an online store with no money upfront for kids.

Let’s set up a facebook page for your online business for free as well.

Young people starting a business

Young people starting a business is no longer impossible with today’s technology advancement. Many young kids now have their own smartphones and have access to the internet. They can start their own business using that device. The question is, how a kid can start a business.

Let me give you an example. I took my daughter to a Youth In Business workshop. After the workshop, my daughter told me that she does not have to go out to look for a job during the summer school holiday anymore. She can be her own boss straight away. Last Summer, she tried to look for a job in the local area. She did not get one. She was upset because the feedback she received was that she has no work experience and too young (13 years old).

I run a test to see if it is possible for a child who knows how to use a smartphone and a laptop able to set up an online store herself. The answer is yes. I set up a tortoise t-shirts company from scratch in 3 hours including creating a design for the T-Shirts.

Young people would like to use a limited company for business must be at least 16 years old of age This is because the UK company law says to be a company director, you must be age 16 and older.

Help and support for young entreprenuers

The UK government provide lots of help and support to young people starting a business aged 18 to 24 helping them to kickstart their businesses. The help includes access to finance like startup loans and one year of mentoring.

An organization called The Prince’s Trust run an Enterprise Programme for young people starting a business too. This program is designed for young people aged 18 to 30 years old. Likewise, you could access a startup loan up to £5000 and also mentorship.

There is nothing to lose for young people to set up their online store to make money for themselves. Go for it.

Certificate of incorporation

Companies House issue Certificate of incorporation once your company registration application is successful.

Commence trading

Consequently, the certificate is conclusive evidence of that your limited company has been registered in accordance with the Companies Act in the United Kingdom. You may start trading straight away if your company is a private limited company. Unlike a public limited company (PLC), they must obtain the trading certificate before commencing trading.

Information printed on the certificate of incorporation

Universally, your certificate of incorporation will have the following information printed on it:

  • Your company name.
  • Your company registration number (eight digits number only).
  • The type of company. Whether your company is a limited or unlimited company. And if it is a limited company whether it is limited by shares or limited by guarantee.
  • Whether your company is a private or public limited company.
  • Where is your company’s registered office situated? whether it is in England and Wales, Wales, Scotland or in Northern Ireland.
  • The date of incorporation of your limited company. The date is the date Companies House issued your certificate of incorporation.

The Registrar of Companies would stamp your certificate with its official seal.

Open a bank account

Generally, you would require your certificate of incorporation to open a bank account for your company. Your bank would ask for this certificate and other incorporation documents. In addition, your company directors must present themselves and provide proof of identity and proof of address documents.

Your company official stationery

Conventionally, you would include your company details in your official company stationery such as letterhead and website. Your company name, registration number and registered office address are the important ones.

Confirmation statement

Companies House requires every company to deliver Confirmation Statement at least once every 12 months. Thus, your director must file the confirmation statement on time. It is a criminal offence for failing to deliver your confirmation statement.

Company Accounts

Lastly, your company must prepare and submit annual accounts with Companies House. Your company’s filing deadline is nine months after your financial year-end if it is a private limited company. Whereas for a public limited company is six months.