Confirmation Statement for dormant company

Confirmation Statement for dormant company is compulsory for company registered with Companies House in the United Kingdom.

Your company is classified as a dormant company under the Companies Act 2006 if there is no significant transactions during the financial period.

You have 14 days to deliver your Confirmation Statement for your dormant company with the Registrar of Companies from the specified due date given by Companies House.

First time submit Confirmation Statement

First time filing your Confirmation Statement required a bit of due diligence to ensure the information given to Companies House for public record is complete and accurate as at the date of your Confirmation Statement.

You must provide the following information with Companies House:

  • Who is the Person with Significant Control for your dormant company.
  • Your company name and registration number must match your certificate of incorporation or your certificate of change of name issued by Companies House.
  • The SIC code for a dormant company is 99999.
  • Shareholder’s particulars
  • Statement of capital detailed the class of share and number of shares allotted.

If there is changes to your company director or secretary or Registered office or Single Alternative Inspection Location (SAIL) from the date of incorporation or last annual return date, separate Companies House forms must be delivered before filing your Confirmation Statement.

Nothing has changed since last Confirmation Statement

If there is no changes to your company’s details since the last Confirmation Statement date. You only need to confirm that fact by filing the form CS01, physically signed and dated by your company director or secretary if filed on paper.

If you are submitting your Confirmation Statement using the webfiling service, you would require your company’s authentication code. The code is the electronic equivalent of your company director’s or secretary’s signature.

Confirmation statement fee

There is a fee payable to Companies House for filing your Confirmation Statement CS01 form. £40 for paper filing and £13 for online filing.

SIC code

Your limited company must specify a SIC code when completing your Confirmation Statement for submission with Companies House. You must choose the SIC code that closely match your company’s business activities.

What is SIC codes?

SIC stands for The United Kingdom Standard Industrial Classification of Economic Activities. The SIC code is a pre-defined 5 digits numbers used in categorisation of UK businesses’ trading activities. Companies House works closely with the Office of National Statistics to collect statistical data for governmental analysis purposes.

Specify your company’s business activities

Your limited company can have more than one business activities.
Select the SIC codes that closely match your business trading activities when completing your Confirmation statement.

Take extra care when specifying your SIC codes if you are submitting your Confirmation statement using the forms CS01 and CS01 additional information page Part 1- Part 5. The latest version of SIC codes ( the SIC version 2007) must be used otherwise your Confirmation statement will be rejected if the old SIC codes were used.

The SIC codes selection options in the web filing service is updated with the latest SIC codes, the version 2007. It is recommended to file your Confirmation statement online if possible.

For examples, a dormant company must use the SIC code of 99999 and for non-trading company, the code is 74990.

You may get a latest version of the SIC codes from Companies House.

If you are unable to find suitable SIC code that closely match your principal business activity, you must provide brief description of your trading activity in your Confirmation statement under additional information page Part 1 to Part 5 form.

How to request authentication code

How to request your company’s authentication code from Companies House is easy.

The authentication code is a 6 character password made up of the combination of alphabets and numbers. The code is the equivalent of your company’s director or company secretary’s signature and it is linked to your company’s number. Please keep safe of the code.

You can use this code to submit your confirmation statement and company accounts online.

Forgot your authentication code

You may request your authentication code from Companies House. If you have forgotten your code.

Do it online.
  1. Sign in to Companies House web filing.
  2. Enter the email address and your password you registered for web filing service.
  3. Then, you will be directed to the sign in to a company page.
  4. You will see the link “request an authentication code” above the sign in blue button. Click on it.
  5. You will be directed to Request an authentication code page.
  6. Step 1 : Select where your company was incorporated. Enter your company number then click the continue button.
  7. Step 2: Review your company information displayed to make sure it is correct. Your company registered office will be displayed there. if it is correct then you click on the request code button.

Companies House will send your authentication code to your company registered office within 5 working days. If you did not receive the code after 5 working days, contact Companies House.

Check EU VAT number

Businesses are encouraged to verify the Value Added Tax (VAT) registration numbers of their customers and suppliers on regular basis.

The UK VAT registration number is made up of 9 digits for example 111 2222 33. Your company’s VAT registration number is printed on your VAT registration certificate issued by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Your VAT registered company must submit VAT returns regularly with HMRC to avoid the VAT registration number being rendered invalid or cancelled. If you require help with preparation and filing of your quarterly VAT returns, our accountants will be more than happy to assist you.

Another reason to verify the VAT registration number is to ensure the VAT registration numbers are genuine and that you are not paying for VAT on your goods and services you bought or sold where you are obliged to.

Only VAT registered businesses are allowed to charge VAT on their sales to their customers.

If you paid for VAT on purchases to suppliers that do not have valid VAT numbers you will not be able to reclaim that VAT amount in your VAT return and HM Revenue and Customs would not issue the refund.

It is best that you check or verify the VAT number before you either remove it from your sale invoice for EC Customers or pay your suppliers who claimed they are VAT registered especially when the VAT amount involved is considerable. This is to avoid scamming and also create awareness and it is a good system to ensure everyone takes part to make sure VAT compliance function as it should be.

Verify VAT numbers – to see it is still valid?

UK limited company registered with VAT do not normally charge VAT to customers from European Countries who can provide valid TVA or VAT numbers.

Before you remove your VAT amount from your sales invoice, it is strongly recommended you verify the TVA or VAT numbers of your customers and note that number on your sales invoices.

Click here to verify – Your VAT or TVA numbers provided by your EC customers or suppliers.

Invalid VAT registration numbers

If VAT or TVA numbers appeared to be incorrect, please inform your customers or suppliers so they are aware and can contact their home country tax office or accountants to verify the situation.

If your customers are highlighting to you that your VAT numbers are invalid, contact your accountants as soon as possible if you have one to verify or you may contact HM Revenue and Customs VAT helpline. They will be able to advice you accordingly.

How to complete Confirmation Statement

How to complete Confirmation Statement CS01 form for Companies House. You may submit your CS01 form online using Companies House webfiling service or deliver on paper by post.

The Confirmation statement replaces the annual return filing.

Check that you have completed your confirmation statement correctly before sending it off to Companies House. If you are doing it online, there is a built in check to prompt you if you have omitted certain information on your form.

More details check is required on filing CS01 form on paper.

Companies House will return your confirmation statement form if they find the information provided is incorrect or incomplete.

Tips to help you

Company name and number

Make sure your company name and incorporation number match the information on Companies House website.

Business activity

You have provided the description of your company’s principal business activity and specify a SIC code. Choose the SIC code closely described your company’s business activity.

Registered office

The address entered in your confirmation statement CS01 form must match the registered office address held by Companies House.

If you are changing your company’s registered office address, you must complete the form called AD01 and send in together with your confirmation statement form.

Statement of capital

You must provide Shareholders details, classes of shares together with the voting right attached to each share.

Company directors and secretary

If there were changes in your company officers since the last confirmation statement date and you have not yet informed Companies House, you must fill in the appropriate forms below.

  • Use form AP01 if new director was appointed.
  • Use form CH01 if there was changes to director’s personal details.
  • For corporate director’s appointment, please use form AP02 and changes in details please use the form CH02.

Person with significant control (PSC)

You must disclose person with significant control of your company and update Companies House if there were changes during the pats 12 months.

Finally you must sign your confirmation statement form and enclosed the correct filing fee.

Companies House Register

You may get information about a limited company from Companies House register for free. You may do the search for limited liability partnership search as well.

Company search

You would require the company’s name or registration number, officer or director’s name to begin your search.

Companies House register published filing history

The information you may obtain from the Companies House Register include the entire filing history of the company since they were incorporated to present date.

The information you may get include the following:

  • Director’s name and date of birth (without the actual day of the birthday, you just get the month and the year of birth)
  • Director’s service address where you can contact he/she through that address.
  • Company accounts
  • Confirmation statements
  • Charges lodged
  • Share capital
  • Business activity (SIC code)

Current filing status

You would also see the company’s current status – Active or proposing to strike off.

Companies House would propose to strike off your company if your filing is not up to date, for example, your confirmation statement and/or company accounts are overdue. The required documents would be highlighted in red.

If you see a company with an active status, this means their company’s filing is up to date. They are a good standing company.

Audit on company accounts

Audit on company accounts are compulsory for large and medium size company. Small company and micro entity may claim audit exemption that is not to have their company accounts audited.

However, some small companies and micro entities are not allowed to claim audit exemption at all. They must deliver audited company accounts to Companies House.

These companies are:

  • A public limited company.
  • A company is parent or a subsidiary a group, with the group turnover exceed the audit threshold.
  • An authorised insurance company or carrying out insurance market activity.
  • A company involved in banking or issuing e-money.
  • A Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) investment firm or an Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS) management company.
  • A corporate body and its shares have been traded on a regulated market in a European state.

Compulsory Audit

Large companyMedium size company
Sales less than> £36 million£36 million
Balance Sheet total> £18 million£18 million
Average no. of staff less than> 250250

Large company must prepare and submit full audited accounts with Companies House.

Medium size company must have their accounts audited but may opt to prepare accounts giving less information for public record.

Voluntary audit

Micro entitySmall companyAudit exemption
Sales less than£632,000£10.2 million£10.2 million
Balance Sheet total£316,000£5.1 million£5.1 million
Average no. of staff less than105050

Small company and micro entity company may choose not to audit their company accounts by claiming audit exemption.

However, they may opt for voluntary audit if the audit would benefit them. For example, the company is preparing for admission into stock exchange require minimum of three years audited company accounts with unqualified audit report prior to admissions.

Audit includes verifying information in your Confirmation Statement filed with Companies House is still valid and is presented in your company accounts where required by law.

Letters return to sender

Companies House send reminders and letters to your company’s registered office address, your letters would be returned to sender if you no longer occupying at the property or the current occupier marked your letters “return to sender” and send it back to Companies House.

Address service providers

If you are using a registered office address provided by an address service provider such as company formation agents. Your letters would be returned to sender if your company did not renew your address services on time. To avoid your letters return to sender, do renew your address service on time with them.

Moved to new office

You have 14 days to inform Companies House of your new office address by submitting the Companies House form AD01 if this new office address would also be your official registered office address. Ensure you make arrangement to access mails sent to your old registered office address until your new office address registered with Companies House. You can check this by contacting Companies House.

Change your registered office

You may change your company’s registered office address online or on paper.

You would require your company’s authentication code to submit your Companies House form AD01.

Alternatively, you may submit your form AD01 on paper, your director or company secretary must sign and date the form and send your form to Companies House.

Registered office address

Your registered office address must be in the United Kingdom. For example, if your company was incorporated in England, your new registered office address must be situated in England and it cannot be an address in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

The address must not be a PO Box address. It must be a physical address. Remember that if you would like to use your home address as your registered office, it will appear on Companies House website and anyone can see it. If you do not want your home address appear on the public register, consider using an address service provider’s services.

Annual return

Limited company and limited liability partnership (LLP) must submit annual return with Companies House if your return filing deadline is 30 June 2016. You would have 28 days to file it.

The official cut off date is 30 June 2016.

Annual return provides a snapshot of your company and LLP information registered with Companies House once every 12 months.

Confirmation statement

After 30 June 2016, you must submit Confirmation Statement instead of annual return. You have 14 days to submit your Confirmation Statement with Companies House either online using the web filing service or on paper with the form CS01.

Confirmation statement requires your company and LLP to review and confirm the details registered with Companies House are still valid and correct. If there is any changes during the 12 months, this must be communicated with Companies House by filing relevant Companies House forms with them.

Person with significant control (PSC)

You are required to provide information of People with Significant Control (PSC) when submitting your confirmation statement. This is not required in filing your annual return.

Reminders to your registered office

Companies House will send filing reminders to your company and your LLP’s registered office address. If you no longer have access to mails sent to your registered office address, you must change to an address where you could access your mails sent there.

You must inform Companies House of your new registered office address.


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