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Company business activities & SIC codes


Limited company must specify SIC codes applicable or closely match to its principal business activities when completing its Confirmation Statement.

What is SIC codes?

SIC stands for The United Kingdom Standard Industrial Classification of Economic Activities. The SIC code is a pre-defined 5 digits numbers used in categorisation of UK businesses' trading activities.Companies House works closely with the Office of National Statistics to collect statistical data for governmental analysis purposes.

Specify your company's business activities

Your company can have more than one business activities.

Fill in the SIC codes that closely match your trading activities when completing your Confirmation statement. Take extra care when specifying the SIC codes if you are submitting your Confirmation statement using the forms CS01 and CS01 additional information page Part 1- Part 5. The latest version of SIC codes ( the SIC version 2007) must be used. Your Confirmation statement forms will be rejected if the old SIC codes were used.

The SIC codes selection options in the web filing service is updated with the SIC codes version 2007. It is recommended to file your Confirmation statement online.

For examples, a dormant company must use the SIC code 99999 and for non-trading company, the SIC code is 74990.

Please click here for full list of Companies House 2007 SIC codes.

If you are unable to find suitable SIC code that closely match your principal business activity, you must provide brief description of your trading activity in your Confirmation statement additional information page Part 1 to Part 5 form.

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