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Shares Capital forms


It is common for a UK company to change its share capital structure to suit their business and shareholders requirements.

Changes to your company share capital must be registered with Companies House by submitting appropriate company forms. The change to be included in your company's Confirmation statement.

Below are list of Companies House forms related to shares capital.

Form reference Purpse
980(1) Notice of non assenting shareholders
980(dec) Statutory Declaration relating to a notice to non-assenting shares
984 Notice to non-assenting shares

Allotment of shares

SH02 Notice of consolidation, sub division of shares or re-conversion of stock into shares or redemption of redeemable shares
SH03 Return of purchase of own shares
SH04 Notice of sale or transfer of treasury shares by a public limited company (PLC)
SH05 Subsequent cancellation of shares held in treasury by a plc
SH06 Cancellation of re-purchased shares or (for Plc), immediate cancellation of shares re-purchased into treasury.
SH07 Cancellation of shares held by or for a plc in accordance with Section 662 of the Companies Act 2006.
SH08 Notice to give a new name or new designation to a class of shares
SH09 Return of allotment by an unlimited company allotting new class of shares
SH10 Notice of particulars of variation of rights attached to shares
SH11 Notice of new class of members
SH12 Notice of particulars of variation of class rights
SH13 Notice of name or other designation of class of members
SH14 Redenomination of shares
SH15 Reduction of capital as a result of redenomination
SH16 Notice by the applicants of application to court for cancellation of the special resolution approving a redemption or purchase of shares out of capital
SH17 Notice by the company of application to court for cancellation of the special resolution approving a redemption or purchase of shares out of capital
SH19 (644 & 649) Statement of capital (section 644 &649)
SH19 (108) Statement of capital (section 108)
SH50 Application for trading certificate for a public limited company

For company forms related to changes to your company officers, registered office and accounting reference date, please click here.

If you require help in filing your company forms with Companies House, our accountants at Concise Accountancy will be more than happy to help you. Feel free to contact us at

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