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File Dormant Account Online


Dormant companies or companies have not been traded during their financial year may file their dormant accounts online using Companies House web filing services.

To use Companies House Web Filing services, companies must register for the online service first then enter the company incorporation number followed by the unique company authentication code before proceeding to file dormant account online.

Companies House offers free dormant company account (DCA) template which is a downloadable PDF document. The free dormant account template comes with inbuilt checks and automatically acknowledge when your account is accepted.

When To Submit Dormant Company Account?

Officially, every private limited company has nine months after its financial year end to file its accounts with Companies House. However, companies are allowed to submit DCA form soon after its accounting reference date. Accounts submitted before its accounting reference date will be rejected.

What happen if dormant account not filed with Companies House?

Late filing penalty is automatically issued to companies if failed to deliver their accounts within the dateline given by Companies House. The penalty for filing accounts late by just one day late is £150 and gradually increased to a maximum of £1500.

If the Registrar believes your company is no longer intend to carrying out business; they will take necessary steps to strike off your company. The company directors may be prosecuted and on conviction they may be liable to a fine up to £5000 each and end up with a criminal record. The fine of £5000 is in addition to the late filing penalty for late filing of accounts.

Dormant company starts trading

Should your dormant company started trading, our fixed fee accounts packages may be of interest to you. These are discounted accountancy packages to help small companies to take care of their legal filing requirements.

What To Do If Do not Wish To Keep Dormant Company Anymore?

If you no longer wanting to keep your dormant company, you may consider formally request your company to be dissolved and be removed from Companies House register. Our accountants are able to assist you on your company dissolution.

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